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Disability Justice Network

The work I do is varied, but a role I especially value is that in the Disability Justice Network (DJN). The DJN is a  community led, mutual aid fund that assists marginalised people in a number of ways. 
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We've Got This: Stories by Disabled Parents Edited by Eliza Hull (Black Inc. Books)

"In We’ve Got This, twenty-five parents who identify as Deaf, disabled or chronically ill discuss the highs and lows of their parenting journeys and reveal that the greatest obstacles lie in other people’s attitudes. The result is a moving, revelatory and empowering anthology. As Rebekah Taussig writes, ‘Parenthood can tangle with grief and loss. Disability can include joy and abundance. And goddammit – disabled parents exist.’

Contributors include Jacinta Parsons, Kristy Forbes, Graeme Innes AM, Jessica Smith OAM, Jax Jacki Brown OAM, Nicole Lee, Elly May Barnes, Neangok Chair, Renay Barker-Mulholland, Micheline Lee and Shakira Hussein. We’ve Got This will appeal to readers of Growing Up Disabled in Australia and other titles in the Growing Up series."

“We’ve Got This by Eliza Hull @BlackIncBooks.” Black Inc.

Link to buy:


Festivals and Events


Emerging Writers Festival - Regional Echoes 'The Call of Country'

"The Emerging Writers’ Festival (EWF) is one of Australia’s most established and well-respected literary festivals. We exist to develop, nurture and promote Australia’s new writing talent, creating platforms for connecting writing communities and their audiences."

“About the Emerging Writers’ Festival.” 2016. Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Link to the 'Regional Echoes' project:

Link to the transcript of my piece 'The Call of Country':

Presenter on Allyship and Survival Day for Democracy In Colour 

Democracy in Colour is a national racial and economic justice organisation led by people of colour. They run campaigns that tackle structural racism and build the power of people of colour to shape the critical issues that affect their lives.


Link to the organisation:


ABC Everyday Article 'Something big is happening in the fashion industry. Here's why I'm excited about it' 







Link to the article:


Featured on International Day People with Disabilities 3CR Radio program 'Imagining Disability Justice'

Following up 2020’s “Imagining Disability Justice”, for 3CR’s Disability Day 2021 Broadcast in year two of the pandemic, we will be making space to explore what Disability Justice has been, is, and will be on these lands - led by Blak Disabled community members. 

“Disability Day 2021.” 2021. 3CR Community Radio. December 3, 2021.

Link to the event:

Link to my program (audio only):

Artwork for 3CR program Grounding Disability Justice

Link to the artwork featured on the event website:


Guest Contributor


Women with Disabilities Australia Blog 'Learning to Lead' 

"Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) represents and advocates for women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people living with a disabilities across Australia. WWDA’s work involves a broad range of activities and projects that aim to promote human rights and end all forms of discrimination and violence on the basis of disability and gender."

“Our Work.” 2020. Women With Disabilities Australia.

Link to the article:









A screenshot of my article with ABC Everyday. The title 'Something big is happening in the fashion industry. Here's why I'm excited about it' is visible. Beneath the title is a photo of me, a first nation's woman, with rainbow coloured glasses that are heart shaped.

Image: Renay wearing a pink and floral dress, and rainbow heart glasses, poses in her wheelchair.

Image: Renay poses in the same pink and floral dress, in front of an old wooden shed. 

For more of my fashion looks, visit my Instagram page:

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Image1 & 2:

Renay, wearing an elaborate costume, featuring layers of skirts and shoulder pads in purple, pink, and teal colours stand outside with her mobility aids.


Image: Renay reclines on her wheelchair, in a large empty paddock, wearing a purple velvet dress.

Image: Renay wears a hooded, tie dyed pastel hooded dress, in front of an old shed.

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