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I want to buy a Ford Capri

Updated: May 14, 2021

I want to buy a Ford Capri

For reasons I dont really know

It’s superfluous, not so fancy

But I can paint it pink

And add a lace detail

It’s a car, that emits carbon monoxide

Amongst other things

I have to google, oh look, formaldehyde too

I wonder how hard it would be, to get it to run on sunshine

Is there enough left in the world

To fuel my selfish desire to play real life Mario Kart?

I want to buy a Ford Capri.

I’ve got my manual license I can learn drive the thing

Ah there it is, FREEDOM! I desire freedom

I sat and typed and pondered

Yes I enjoy the nice things about the car

But it’s the freedom, the FREEDOM!

It’s not suitable to carry a wheelchair

It is not right for baby seats

It’s right to take me where I want to go

On my own, to where I need

So I want to buy a Ford Capri

And drive it to the beach

Stay and watch the sunset and then get fish and chips for tea

I want to touch the ocean with my feet

And feel the space around me

And if I drive my Ford Capri

I don’t have to say please

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